Smiley Monroe provides splicing tools and repair materials to complement our ToughFlex Conveyor Belt Series. Our Vulcanising Materials lineup includes pulley lagging, lining, hot and cold bond vulcanising cements and a selection of hand tools. As with all Smiley Monroe products, this range has one purpose: to reduce your maintenance costs by preventing wear and corrosion:

  • Adhesives & Hardeners for Cold Bonding
  • Primers for Rubber to metal
  • Hot Vulcanising Fabric Primer & Cement
  • Fabric Belt Skim Gum & Filler Rubber
  • Silicone Treated Release Paper
  • Rolls of Feathered Edge & Tacky Back
  • Rubber & Ceramic Pulley Laggings
  • Rubber Linings
  • Fabric Belt Splicing Tool Kit
  • Double-Acting Hand Rollers
  • Rapid repair system (urethane) – for rubber conveyor belts, screens, pulley lagging, tyres, etc