Many conveyor belt and joint problems are caused by carryback spillage. The installation of a reliable belt cleaner will help minimise many of these problems and keep costly housekeeping and downtime to a minimum. Our belt cleaners are designed with your sector in mind – from end user to OEM.

Available in primary, secondary, vee and bias plough types in either polyurethane or tungsten carbide blades, to ensure consistent high cleaning efficiency. Segmented blades allow tips to conform to contour of belt and easy replacement of individual worn blades.

SM Modular Belt Cleaner

NEW – Introducing the Smiley Monroe Modular Conveyor Belt Cleaner

We developed our polyurethane (PU) Conveyor Belt Cleaner in response to OEM customer demand for an effective, economical cleaner that can be branded with the customer’s corporate logo and desired colour.

Increasingly, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of mobile crushing, screening & recycling equipment are focused on growing their Spares business and our new branded belt cleaner can help them to achieve this objective.

We know of no other product on the market with such a high level of customisation.

SM Features include:

  • High quality, low cost modular pre-cleaner
  • Blades supplied in any colour, branded with customer’s logo
  • Easy installation & simple adjustment
  • Low maintenance & easy blade change
  • High quality polyurethane (PU) modular blades
  • Blades designed to keep a cleaning edge as they wear
  • Available to suit all belt widths
  • Suitable for reversible belts

Conveyor Belt Cleaners Range

The most important reason for installing a belt cleaner is high cleaning efficiency. A Tungsten carbide tip is used for the cleaning part which is attached to a strong rubber cushion.

This is to prevent damage from impacts and other irregularities on the belt surface. The impacts are totally absorbed by the cushion so the cleaner can perform its essential duty. Maximum cleaning effect with minimum maintenance.

Safety Characteristics
The operation of the conveyor belt and the materials which are conveyed vary widely from plant to plant, and unexpected large resistance may occur, resulting in damage to both belt cleaner and conveyor belt.

Our Belt Cleaners are designed with an extra wide margin for safety to cope with any unexpected problem during operation, assuring operation free of damage to both the cleaner and the belt.

The ultra-hard alloy metal tip of the cleaning part has excellent wear-proof characteristics, which require less maintenance inspections. In addition because highly elastic rubber is used in the cushion, excellent durability and weather-resistant characteristics mean longer and more efficient service life.

Easy Installation
The cleaner can be installed as a secondary cleaner anywhere after the nip-point down the conveyor length. A depression roller may be required for installations away from the head drum if the belt is not flat and poor tension.

Low Cost
Some belt operators prefer an inexpensive cleaner though not of the best quality. Others prefer a high quality cleaner even tough at a high price. Belle Banne is of high quality but at a surprisingly initial low cost, needless to say of lower maintenance cost.

There is no adverse effect upon the cleaner if the belt surface is in poor condition. The cushion absorbs vibration, thus assuring the most effective operation.

No Adhesion of Residue
Residue build-up on the cushion plate is eliminated by the fitting of a high quality polymer polyethylene deflector, thus making the residue slide away.

Because the cleaning performance is excellent, special maintenance is reduced, thus saving down time and labour costs.